Top 10 Haunting Messages Found On Tombstones

Top 10 Haunting Messages Found On Tombstones
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Walking through a graveyard is always an eerie thing to do, and while there will be many messages of love and sadness, some tombstones leave some haunting and eerie messages behind. From horrifying causes of death to messages to those still living, to some scathing words about the passed person, we’ve got a lot going on, on today’s list. Let’s talk about the Top 10 Haunting Messages Found On Tombstones. 

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Time Codes:
0:25- Kate McCormick 
1:16- Herman Harband 
2:17- Francis and Mary Huntroods
3:13- The Tazacorte Martyrs Memorial
4:15- Jerry Bibb Balisok
5:27- Martha Jane “Mary” McCune 
6:22- Mona Herold Vanni
7:11- Charles H. Salmon 
7:48- Andrew J. Olszak
8:28- Leo Matlovich 


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