Top 10 Most Shocking Court Moments Caught On Tape

July 15, 2021 By becky 0
Top 10 Most Shocking Court Moments Caught On Tape! The courtroom may be one of the worst melting pots of emotion, often mixing the impassioned sense of justice, primal rage, and heartbreaking sorrow. From this brew comes the worst of insane tirades, physical outbursts, and moments of raw emotion, detailed in this installment of the ten most insane courtroom moments caught on camera.

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10. Nicole Babb Bares All
9. May 1st, 1776
8. Michael Gaines’ Potty Mouth
7. Butts and Cunningham Joint Sentencing
6. The Courtroom Mixtape
5. The Hollingsworth Fracas
4. Keison Wilkins’ Heart Attack?
3. Michael Madison’s Smile
2. T.J. Lane’s Sentencing
1. Michael Marin’s Final Sentencing


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