Top 10 AMAZING Facts About VENUS

August 5, 2021 By becky 0
Welcome to Top10Archive! All of this galactic travel is tiring, but we’re still saddened to know we are only 2 planets away from completing this journey! For this out of this world installment, we’re visiting Venus – sometimes known as Earth’s Sister Planet. Join us on one of our last planetary escapes for ten great facts about the 2nd rock from the sun!

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10. Discovering Venus
9. Naming the Bright Planet
8. Phosphorus, Hesperus, Lucifer, and Vesper
7. An Unusual Rotation
6. Seeing Through Venus’ Atmosphere
5. Average Surface Temperature
4. Visiting the 2nd Rock from the Sun
3. Earth’s Sister Planet
2. A Sad, Moonless Life
1. A Tropical Paradise?

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