Top 10 Survival Myths That Will Kill You

August 6, 2021 By becky 0
Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Okay. You need to pay close attention when I say this. If there’s anything that comes from my mouth that you listen to and absorb, let it be what I’m about to say. Ready? Do NOT try any of these survival tricks at home or out in the wild. Seriously. Don’t. That is unless you want to be in our 2nd installment of “10 Dumbest Ways To Die”. Before we get to the ten survival myths that will kill you, I want to see a comment from each of you promising that you won’t try any of these survival tips. And I guess while you’re down there, hit the subscribe button and click the bell for notifications of videos on things you can do at home.

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10. Cut and Suck the Poison from a Snake Bite
9. GPS Devices are Infallible
8. Play Dead During a Bear Attack
7. Moss Gross on the North Side
6. Swim Parallel to the Shore
5, Drink Raw Blood
4. Boiling Water Guarantees That It’s Drinkable
3. Liquor Will Warm You
2. Build a Fire in a Cave
1. Eat Snow for Hydration

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