Top 10 Stranger Things Facts You Didn’t Know

August 7, 2021 By becky 0
Welcome to Top10Archive! The world is abuzz over Netflix’s original series, Stranger Things, and who are we to deprive our beloved Archivists from divulging in their favorite television shows? The tale of Eleven, the missing Will Byers, and the mysterious organization at the heart of it all was a great call-back to the 80’s, but, really, that’s no secret to anyone that’s watched it. Maybe, though, we can provide some new details about the quirky production with these 10 facts you didn’t know about Stranger Things. In case it needs to be said, spoilers await in the Upside Down.

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10. Chock Full of References and Nods
9. Overt Love for Barb
8. Disdain for Eggos
7. Titling Stranger Things
6. Adolescent Improv
5. Auditions for Miles
4. The Demogorgon
3. Testing Stranger Things
2. Building the “Upside Down”
1. Real Life Inspiration


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