10 SAD Last Facebook Posts Before Death

Welcome to Top10Archive! The internet has allowed us to witness things we wouldn’t normally , among those sometimes being a person’s last words. Following up on our Chilling Last Tweets installment, we’re looking at the 10 most haunting last Facebook posts. Due to the subject matter behind some of these posts, this video may not be suitable for all audiences. A lot of the posts found in this video were from people suffering from mental health disorders. If you or somebody you know is suffering from depression or experiencing other mental health problems, we here at Top10Archive encourage you to visit ADAA.org for resources on how you can get help.

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10. Dillon Taylor
9. Courtney Sandford
8. Amber Cornwell
7. Brittany Maynard
6. Ivan Lopez
5. Matthew Dermer
4. Margaret Gee
3. Cor Pan
2. Tyler Clementi
1. Michelle Rowling

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