Top 10 Facts About Werewolves

August 19, 2021 By becky 0
Welcome to Top10Archive! As the moon rests over our heads in its fullest form, something mystical is happening elsewhere. Under this lunar cycle, magic is changing man to beast and setting loose a deadly creature known as a werewolf. When one thinks “werewolf,” they likely think of things like The Wolf Man or The Howling; but there is a world of belief out there, and among it, werewolves and lycanthropy are as real as this YouTube channel. We’re going to honor these beliefs by looking at the top 10 facts about lycanthropy and werewolves.

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10. A Lycan Can Be More Than a Wolf
9. Becoming a Werewolf
8. Medical Conditions Linked to Lycanthropy
7. The Earliest Account of Werewolves
6. The Werewolf of Bedburg
5. The First Film about Lycanthropy
4. Mercury May Work Better Than Silver
3. The Beast of Gevaudan
2. The Hounds of God
1. The Werewolf Trials of France

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