Top 10 Mythological Creatures Yet To Be Proven

August 19, 2021 By becky 0
Top 10 Mythological Creatures Yet To Be Proven! Today, we’re going to look at cryptids, more specifically, legendary creatures that are rumored or suspected to exist but for which conclusive evidence is still missing. Throughout history, many creatures that were rumored to exist have eventually been found. However, in this video, we’re going to highlight 10 that still have a lack of evidence to support their claim.

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10. Mothman
9. Mokele-mbembe
8. Megalodon
7. Jersey Devil
6. Nandi Bear
5. Kraken
4. Chupacabra
3. Mermaid
2. Nessie of Loch Ness
1. Sasquatch (AKA Bigfoot)

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