Top 10 AMAZING Facts About URANUS

August 29, 2021 By becky 0
Welcome to Top10Archive! By now, hopefully the childish giggling has died down enough for you to pay close attention. From its 27 moons, to being labeled the “most boring planet”, Uranus seems to never grab any media attention, but that doesn’t mean it should be left off of our radar. Okay… we’ll give you a moment to chuckle, but then we’re launching you into 10 facts about Uranus… the planet.

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10. The Discovery of Uranus
9. Uranus Was Not Seen by Ancient Civilizations
8. Naming Uranus
7. The 27 Moons of Uranus
6. Uranus’ Largest Moon
5. Uranus has Rings
4. An 84-Year Orbital Period
3. A Hefty Tilt
2. Uranus has Unusual Weather
1. “The Most Boring Planet”


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