Top 10 CURSED Objects Scientists Can’t Explain

Top 10 CURSED Objects Scientists Can’t Explain
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Curses don’t just exist in fiction or historical text, curses still exist today with some objects being supposedly haunted and possessed by a demon to the point that scientists can’t explain the strange goings on. These are the Top 10 CURSED Objects Scientists Can’t Explain right here on Most Amazing Top 10!

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Time Codes:
0:00- Intro
0:32- The Dybbuk Box
1:42- The Iceman
3:07- Hope Diamond
4:06- Robert The Doll
5:53- Atlantis Ring
7:02- Thomas Busby’s Chair
8:21- Annabelle The Doll
9:46- Uluru Rock
10:49- The Basano Vase
12:13- Goddess of Demise

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