Top 10 Angels Too Scary For The Bible

September 28, 2021 By becky 0
Top 10 Angels Too Scary For The Bible
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Many of us have an idea of what angels look like, or how sweet nice and kind they are, but what if we told you that a lot of what we think angels are like, just simply isn’t true.
From angels who fell from grace, to angels who did some extremely dark things all the way to angels who just look absolutely terrifying, we’ve got a list of scary angels ready for you as we dive into the Top 10 Angels Too Scary For The Bible.

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00:41 Furfur | Evil Angels
01:33 Seraphim | Evil Angels
02:30 Raphael | Evil Angels
03:40 Lucifer | Evil Angels
04:38 Abezethibou | Evil Angels
05:50 The Cherubs | Evil Angels
07:08 Asbeel | Evil Angels
08:01 Samael | Evil Angels
08:59 Aural | Evil Angels
09:57 The watchers | Evil Angels

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