Top 10 WEIRDEST Circus Sideshows and FREAKS

Welcome to Top10Archive! Come one, come all to the strangest show this side of the Internet! We’ve got freaks, we’ve got sites to behold, we’ve got grotesque displays that are sure to turn heads and stomachs, we’ve got nightmarish creations that you don’t want your kids to see! This installment is giving you a look at what awaits behind the curtain with the Top 10 Weirdest Circus Sideshows and Freaks! It should be noted, that these people aren’t “freaks” in the sense of the word, but rather, they born with abnormalities. These people should be treated as just that, people.

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10. The Human Unicorn
9. The Last of the Aztecs
8. The Man with Two Faces
7. The Misnomered Bear Woman
6. The Mule-Faced Woman
5. The Elephant Man
4. The Camel Girl
3. General Tom Thumb
2. The Living Skeleton
1. Four-legged Lady


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