Top 10 WORST Food Tampering Cases in HISTORY

October 13, 2021 By becky 0
Welcome to Top10Archive! Think you’re safe purchasing prepackaged groceries and produce? Think again, fair Archivers. Strap yourselves in as we present what could be our scariest installment yet – the worst food tampering cases in history. Dramatics aside, this list may prompt you to check your food twice before giving it a hearty bite.

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10. Prince Edward Island’s Potatoes
9. The Aquabomber
8. Gerber’s Glass Baby Food
7. The Bergs’ Oranges
6. Sizzler’s Rat Poison Surprise
5. The Monster with 21 Faces
4. Rajneeshees Salad Bar
3. Nicotine Beef
2. Paraquat Murders
1. Tylenol and Cyanide


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