Top 10 CURSED Objects Scientists Can’t Explain – Part 3

November 22, 2021 By becky 0
Top 10 CURSED Objects Scientists Can’t Explain – Part 3
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From paintings that cause everything around them to burn, to haunted dolls and haunted cars, all the way to a skull that causes a raucous every time it’s moved from its home, we’ve got a lot of creepy, cursed items to talk about today. Where you believe in curses or not, they have been mentioned countless times throughout ancient and historical text, with many people recounting truly terrifying stories of real life curses that have plagued their lives. What is up top 10 fam, welcome back! I am your host today, Olivia Kosolofski and we are getting spooky as we dive into part 3 of the Top 10 CURSED Objects Scientists Can’t Explain. Let’s get into it!

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Time Codes:
0:00- Intro
00:28 The Crying Children Paintings
01:18 The Blarney Stone
02:11 Screaming Skull
03:47 The Haunted Doll
04:53 Ballista Balls
06:00 The Golden Eagle
07:14 Myrtles Plantation Mirror
08:05 Surrey Ghost Car
09:08 The Destiny Ring
10:09 Letta The Doll

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