December 1, 2021 By becky 0
Welcome to Top10Archive! We all love a good fable about the supernatural, but what if there were something sinister to it? What if the tale is about something tangible, something that’s not a figment of an imagination or easily written off by swamp gas. What if that tale is about something deadly, a cursed artifact that should be avoided at all costs? Well, you’d probably want to hear more about it, so we’re going to deliver to you tales of the Top 10 most cursed items.

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10. The Anguished Man Painting
9. Myrtle Plantation Mirror
8. King Tuts Tomb
7. Atuk Script
6. Robert the Doll
5. The Hope Diamond
4. The Busby Rocking Chair
3. The Hands Resist Him
2. The Dybbuk Box
1. Annabelle

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