Top 10 Reasons To Believe Aliens Are REAL

December 5, 2021 By becky 0
Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! What are your thoughts and beliefs on intelligent life beyond Earth? Are we alone in the universe.. or is this video being transmitted via alien satellite waves to an extraterrestrial civilization? It’s a debate that will likely go on forever, but we can at least have fun with it while we can. For instance, we dug up ten of the strongest signs that aliens exist and have compiled them for your viewing pleasure.

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10. Anonymous Says So
9. Dust Organisms from the International Space Station
8. Planets Found with Water
7. Trace-Elements Indicative of Organic Life
6. The Age of DNA
5. Military Pilot Sightings
4. The Madonna with Saint Giovannino Painting
3. Signals from Space
2. The Vatican Knows…
1. Primitive Organisms on Mars

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