Top 10 EGYPTIAN Gods and Goddesses

Welcome to Top10Archive! As we navigate through one of the oldest mythologies known to man, we are met Thoth, the God who was said to create the 365-day calendar, and Ra, the Sun God, who perhaps is one the most recognizable figures in all mythology. Strap in Archivers, saddle up your camel, and lets visit the Top 10 Mythological Egyptian Gods and Goddesses.

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10. Ptah: God of Craftsmen
9. Ma’at: Goddess of Harmony, Justice, and Truth
8. Thoth: God of Wisdom and Knowledge
7. Set: God of Storms
6. Anubis: Protector of the Dead
5. Aset: Queen of the Throne
4. Osiris: God of the Dead and Living
3. Hathor: Mistress of Life
2. Heru: Sky God
1. Ra: The God of Sun and Radiance


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