Top 10 Terrifying Signals Heard By Submarines

January 26, 2022 By becky 0
Top 10 Terrifying Signals Heard By Submarines
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The Mariana Trench and other Ocean mysteries don’t just pertain to the creatures that live in it. Sometimes researchers or divers will hear something coming from the depths of the ocean that is both terrifying and seemingly mysterious. From some of the classics like the bloop and julia, to the sound of underwater volcanoes and earthquakes all the way to some super strange sounds coming from actual marine creatures. What is up top 10 fam, welcome back. This is the Top 10 Terrifying Signals Heard By Submarines.

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Time Codes:
0:00- Intro
00:29 Haunting Call | Underwater Mysteries
01:42 Marine Chorus | Underwater Mysteries
02:45 Whistle | Underwater Mysteries
03:53 Bloop | Underwater Mysteries
04:49 Western Pacific Biotwang | Underwater Mysteries
06:02 Julia | Underwater Mysteries
07:20 NOC | Underwater Mysteries
08:15 Bio Duck | Underwater Mysteries
09:29 Upsweep | Underwater Mysteries
10:21 Earthquake | Underwater Mysteries

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